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BCAA - Fruit Punch

BCAA - Fruit Punch

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Get ready to power up your workouts with Fireline Industries' BCAA Fruit Punch drink mix. With a 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs, this powder is specially formulated to help you power through your toughest sessions and recover faster afterward.

  • Endurance Boost: Thanks to its high-quality blend of BCAAs, this drink mix helps you push through even the most challenging workouts with ease.
  • Faster Recovery: Fireline Fitness' special formula also promotes faster recovery post-exercise, so you can jump back into action in no time.

Designed for wildland firefighters, this refreshing Fruit Punch flavor is perfect for those who want a tasty way to stay on track with their fitness goals. Whether you're a firefighter, an athlete, or just someone who wants more energy for their daily routine, give Fireline Fitness' BCAA powder a try!

  • Made in the USA: This product is made in the USA by Fireline Industries - so it's backed by American quality standards that ensure optimal effectiveness and safety.
  • Why the 2:1:1 ratio? There are 20 amino acids that your body needs. You can make all but 9 of them, which you need to get from supplements or your diet. Out of the nine your body can't make, there are three that are called the BCAAs - Lucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. Our 2:1:1 ratio is 2 grams of Lucine, for every 1 gram of Isolecine and Valine. This combination has been shown to increase protein synthesis and provide you with more energy and stamina for your workouts. It's also the best combination to boost muscle growth!


No matter what type of workout routine you follow- whether it's CrossFit or HIIT training- this sports & energy drink provides everything needed to enhance your endurance levels while supporting quicker post-workout recovery. So why wait? Fuel up before every workout session with Fireline Fitness' delicious Fruit Punch-flavored powder!

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