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Pre-Workout - Honeydew Watermelon

Pre-Workout - Honeydew Watermelon

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Our best-selling pre-workout supplement comes in powder form, and is a delicious honeydew watermelon flavor! It's formulated to boost power output, improve focus, and increase energy - enhancing athletic performance and giving you an edge during your workouts. We can feel the pump just talking about it!

It includes key ingredients that are scientifically proven to boost your workouts like:

  • Beta-Alanine - is an amino acid that can help increase your stamina during intense exercise, especially efforts that last over 60 seconds, by helping your body reduce muscle acidity. It's generally used for endurance, strength, and recovery, and it also can help with the nervous system!
  • Caffeine - perhaps the oldest and most tried and true pre-workout ingredient, caffeine helps you stay focused and reduces the feeling of fatigue.
  • Citrulline -  boosts nitric oxide in the body, which helps increase blood flow by allowing the arteries to relax. It also has been shown to have the potential to aid you in both resistance training and high-intensity exercise. In short, this helps you slay the workouts, and recover afterwards.
  • Nitrate - L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate, Beet Root, and L-Citrulline Malate (which is also known to help fight infections by boosting the immune system) are all nitrates, which can help your body increase blood flow, reduce oxygen consumption, and even reduce ATP consumption!
  • Creatine - our formula includes Di-Creatine Malate, which is two creatine molecules bonded together with malic acid. Making it easier to absorb into the body - and reduces the unwanted water weight gain associated with creatine monohydrate. Creatine is one of the most studied supplements, and its benefits range from performance and recovery to cognitive function. 
  • Many more great ingredients!

We point these ones out specifically because they were singled out by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself as the ingredients to look for in the best, most effective pre-workouts! That's worth something. 

In summary - our honeydew watermelon pre-workout powder tastes amazing - like really, really good - and is specifically formulated to get you primed to tackle your workouts with increased intensity and mental clarity, thanks to our premium ingredients. Making it an essential pre-workout drink for those looking to maximize their athletic performance. Exactly what our firefighters (and you) need in the gym, on the trail, and on the fireline!

When taking pre-workout supplements, it's important to follow guidelines to ensure safe and effective use, enhancing your overall energy levels and aiding in muscle synthesis and repair.

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